Meeting Valerie Moran

Meet and Greet - 12/07/2019

The Swansea Youth Entrepreneurs Network (SYEN) had the honour of meeting Valerie at the PFS offices in London on the 12th of July 2019. 

It was a great session as the aspiring young entrepreneurs had an opportunity to interact with her, asking her a wide range of questions, from business ideas to questions on building self confidence. 

Valerie started off as Implementation Manager and faced a few challenges in the early years because she did not have experience in the field. She had to learn everything about the industry as she went along, but this most definitely did not hinder her progress. If anything, it made her more knowledgeable as she was constantly learning new things and finding ways to be the best. And now, just over 10 years later she has become the richest black woman in the UK.


Consultation - July 2019

The coordinators had a consultation to hear back from the network. It was aimed at getting feedback from the beneficiaries and working towards shaping better delivery in future. 

The session was held together with Big Ideas Wales.

Language Cafe

Language Exchange - March 2019

This event was held at Rumba Cafe.

It was a social event, for people from different countries to meet and network, also discussing their business ideas. They were introducing each other to their own native languages, which kept it social and quite informal.

Fair Trade and Social Enterprise

Doing What’s Needed - March 2019

The SYEN discussed how to create a fairer world and apply fair trade ethos and values on their daily lives as aspiring entrepreneurs.

FT has expanded and entered mainstream retailing outlets, growing in visibility and market share, while simultaneously experiencing diversification of its organization models.

Genius in Madness

Mental Health Awareness - January 2019

The Youth Network had an event which was aimed at educating them about mental health, especially for young entrepreneurs.

There was a panel discussion of how entrepreneurs can be affected by their mental health conditions  and the importance of it, with regards to running a successful business.

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