The 411 podcast

Creating a safe space for young people in Wales to speak on issues that are affecting them. 

podcast episodes

Episode 1

Welcome to 'The 411'! 

Join the hosts, Kofi, Sonia, and Joy as they share their lockdown experiences and why they started this podcast. 

Episode 2 | let's talk about it

Join us as we have the "how are you really doing" conversation. 
This is our first mental health chat and we hope you enjoy it. 

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Episode 3 | coping mechanisms
ft. justin awani

Join Joy & Sonia as they speak to the newest resident psychologist, Sir Justin Awani about coping mechanisms. 

Episode 4 | covid19 impact on university students
ft. Danielle Obadan

Join us as we have a chat with Danielle Obadan who is conducting a thesis on the impact of Covid19 on the Mental Health of students. 

Episode 5 | the entrepreneurs
ft. izu akwari

On this episode, our host have a chat with Izu Akwari about the impact the pandemic has had on entrepreneurs and small businesses. 

We high key miss shopping and we talk about how quite a number of shops are closing down and talking about strategies that have allowed digital stores to continue growing during such times. 

international women's day special
ft. saskia volders and liza leibowitz

Our hosts sat down and had an interesting conversation with Saskia Volders & Liza Leibowitz, women who are both committed to seeing the advancement of equality in their different spheres. 

We talk about everything from work, social issues, relationships, and parenting! This is a nice long one so take a listen whilst you're cleaning the house or just chilling! 

Episode 6 | entrepreneurship & employment
ft. alexandru tomuta & halima mustafa

Join our hosts as they have a conversation with Halima & Alex who both work full time and have side hustles. 

Episode 7 | politics and voting
ft. shazia ali

In this episode we were joined by Shazia Ali from the Make your Mark (MYM21) team at EYST to talk about the development in politics over the past couple of decades and we also celebrate how far we have come. The legislation passed in Wales 2020 changed the stakes by recognising 16 year olds as individuals who are competent enough to vote.

Give it a listen and enjoy!

Episode 8 | social issues
ft. theresa ogbekhiulu & lowri davies

Our hosts are joined by Lowri & Theresa who are social activists in equality in institutions and by rallying individuals in communities.

In this exciting episode we talk about homelessness, representation, food poverty and the like. We also delve into what changes still need to be made.

Episode 9 | working as a graduate in wales
ft. chisomo phiri

Join us as we talk to Chisomo about navigating the job market as a graduate and, or student in Wales.